Terroirs Originels Côte Beaujolaise & Côte Mâconnaise

The ethics of Terroirs Originels.

A community with strong ties.

Partner winemakers.

Terroirs Originels is a pillar of each estate. Each winemaker is 100% dedicated to the work of his vines and winemaking without being distracted by commercial, administrative, and logistic issues. The quality of our grapes and the wine is most important and Terroirs Originels acts as an extension of each estate to help them accomplish their goals.

Each wine is bottled on the estate and then distributed through the alliance Terroirs Originels. Robert Perroud, winemaker and founder of Terroirs Originels continuously maintains a close relationship with the fellow winemakers of TO, offering them guidance in the elaboration of their ambitions for each estate and its contribution to the alliance.

The profile of each winemaker of Terroirs Originels is very diverse, but the common point amongst each member is their desire to stay and work in their vines. It is the power of Terroirs Originels to bring together winemakers with a collective vision but of an independent spirit. “Ambition is the enemy of success” we do not wish to leave our vines and cellars behind to spend the majority of our time on the road to promote our wines independently.

The ambassadors.

Terroirs Originels is represented throughout the four corners of France and all over the world. Thanks to the networking of our ambassadors, our wines and winegrowing region of Beaujolais and Mâconnais, has been given visibility throughout the world. We are proud of that and want to continue to improve the quality of our wines every year.

We sincerely believe strength is unity and for this reason we created our alliance and have been successful now for 15 years. The philosophy that guides our strategies come from the consultation among the 7 founding winemakers, collaborating in the interest of uniting further the common goal of all of the members of the alliance.

Moving forward everyday.

We are manifesting the vision of the small and independent wineries, being united together to be more competitive among négotiants on the global wine market. Being partners instead of competitors, represents our strength, we are representing on each of our bottles our own signature. A warranty of an artisanal wine made with the grapes farmed and bottled on the estate. Instead of expanding the production of each estate, we prefer to invite other small productions wineries into the alliance.

Because each wine of Terroirs Originels is a unique experience, we want thru each bottle to educate our customers about the taste of terroir wine by introducing personal information about the origin of the wine and the winemaker.

Thanks to the alliance, the wineries can collaborate and exchange their experience in order to progress in a positive and dynamic way. By the same way, our alliance allows each winemaker to benefit from our expertise about the wine trade, logistics, administrative operations and facilities.

Customer service.

Thanks to the consolidated efforts of logistics and administration, Terroirs Originels warrants each customer a simplified efficiency to deliver anywhere in France and all over the world. The team of Terroirs Originels is at the service of each client to provide them with the best support in the shortest delay.

The responsibility : Our duty

The environment

Practicing agriculture, we are in contact everyday with our soil. We are living among our vines and tending to them daily. To be environmentally responsible is for us a way of life, it is common sense, and our duty. We do not impose any specifications to each partner in order to preserve the independence of their spirit and the taste of the place. Some of our members are engaged in formal certifications such as Terra Vitis and organic agriculture (Ecocert). Others prefer to practice simply a sustainable winegrowing practice without the recognition of one label. We’ve implemented a system that allows our members to exchange about energy preservation and procedures. The protection of biodiversity and the reduction of chemical treatment. To be 100% farmer and estate grown is a warranty for our clients of the origin, quality, and authenticity of our wines. Buying grapes to make wine is not allowed in our alliance. This traceability allows us to empower each estate concerning the preservation of his environment and the quality of his grapes.

Technical requirements.

Each wine represented by Terroirs Originels has to respect the requirements of Terroirs Originels.
Such as:

  • A total transparency is required in the vines and the cellar in order to respect the quality of origin.
  • Each wine is bottled on the estate.
  • Quality guarantee of cork, labeling and packaging.
  • The proper conservation of each wine is required before being received at our warehouse.
  • The quality of each wine in the portfolio of Terroirs Originels is dependent on the rigorous selection of the plot of origin. Picking and sorting of the grapes manually, and a winemaking practice that respects the spirit of the place and the pure expression of each varietal.

Fair trade upstream and downstream.

Terroirs Originels has an important social-economic responsibility to control and set the sales price in order to allow each winemaker to make a living and to continually invest in quality versus quantity. The alliance contributes to improve the activity of each estate by offering numerous services: Marketing and sales consulting, purchasing, insurance, delivery and logistic benefits.

As artisan-winemakers, we consider a glass of wine to be an affordable and convivial pleasure thanks to reasonable margin and pricing. It is this vision that Terroirs Originels strives to promote through our ambassadors.

Côte Beaujolaise & Côte Mâconnaise


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