Terroirs Originels Côte Beaujolaise & Côte Mâconnaise

Terroirs Originels: One Philosophy

TERROIRS ORIGINELS is above all a human story uniting several artisan winemakers sharing the same passion and a strong ambition to create terroir focused wines since almost 20 years. Terroirs Originels is considered a benchmark in the constellation of independent estates from Southern Burgundy in the Cote Beaujolaise and Cote Maconnaise.

What do the artisan-vintners of Terroirs Originels have in common ?

  • THE MERIT to focus on quality by limiting their production to the lands they are actually farming, offering exclusively estate grown wines coming from the vines farmed by the winemaker himself.
  • THE EFFORT and hard work accomplished in the vineyard and cellar where the winemaker is contributing to every step from farming to bottling.
  • THE DESIRE to farm sustainably his vineyards in order to respect and preserve the environment and biodiversity and the varietals of Southern Burgundy: GAMAY NOIR and CHARDONNAY.
  • THE REQUIREMENT to elaborate fine and complex wines thanks to a careful work and patience during the aging process.

What are the strengths of Terroirs Originels?

Terroirs Originels is providing a marketing, sales, communication and logistic services to all his winemaker members. Our centralized warehouse allow us to consolidate order for our clients in France and around the world. Concretely we are offering to our clients:

  • A wide range of qualitative and terroir driven wines covering all the appellations of the Cote Beaujolaise and Cote Maconnaise in Southern Burgundy.
  • A unique customer service in order to be the most reactive possible to your demands.
  • A unique logistic platform located in the heart of Beaujolais (Quincie-en-Beaujolais) in order to consolidate your order and with the possibility to mix several wines of Terroirs Originels on a same order.

The Artisans

Discover the artisan winemakers of Terroirs Originels.

The Key of Terroirs.

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Presentation video

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The Charter

Discover the charter that joined and signed each winemaker partner of Terroirs Originels.

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