Terroirs Originels Côte Beaujolaise & Côte Mâconnaise

Terroirs Originels, the address of talented winemakers.

The philosophy of Terroirs Originels

Terroirs Originels is a collective of independent vintners who all share the same vision of their work located in the Beaujolais and Maconnais vineyards, in Southern Burgundy.

The spirit of the place

Each winemaker focus on reflecting the characteristics of their terroir. Offering a rich and diverse range of wines coming from vineyards farmed sustainably and in respect of their environment.

La Bourgogne Viticole La Bourgogne Viticole

The key to Terroirs of Beaujolais / Mâconnais / Burgundy

Which wine are you?
• Fruity. savory, generous
Wines for aging.
Summer Wines or Winter Wines
Reds, Whites, Rosé or Sparklings

What would you like?

The latest news

  • Spécial Vins d'Été !

    Spécial Vins d'Été !

    Un dossier spécial vins d'été vient de paraitre dans le Nouvel Obs. Au coeur de ce sujet, nous retrouvons les vins d'Anthony Pérol et du Domaine de la Verpaille. ...

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  • Mâconnais 2017 : You are going to love them !

    Mâconnais 2017 : You are going to love them !

    The french magazine Bourgogne Aujourd'hui deals with the vintage 2017. Discover tasting notes below.  

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  • Vintage 2017 : Long Live Gamay !

    Vintage 2017 : Long Live Gamay !

    In their June 2018 issue, La Revue des vins de France magazine reported the tasting of the new 2017 vintage. Owing to the very mild weather and thanks to the work of winegrower-winemakers, six of our ...

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  • Unity is strenght !

    Unity is strenght !

    Terroirs Originels motto is team spirit. In their june issue, L'Express magazine dealt with Terroirs Originels philosophy. Discover the article below (french edition).

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Côte Beaujolaise & Côte Mâconnaise


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