Terroirs Originels Côte Beaujolaise & Côte Mâconnaise

Côte de Brouilly La Fournaise du Pérou

Full-body and Spicy

Reds Fruity generous Winter wines Wines for aging

Côte de Brouilly La Fournaise du Pérou


We are in France, but it is often under a tropical climate that the harvesters here cut the grapes. The winemaker Robert PERROUD will tell you only the lamas are missing…

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Food Pairings

Perfect to pair with games, lamb, and roasted chicken

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14,50 €

Potential for aging.

15 Years.

Optimum moment for tasting.

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Côte Beaujolaise & Côte Mâconnaise


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ZA Les Treilles
69430 Quincié en Beaujolais