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The key of Terroirs® Wines that best suit your needs!

Terroirs Originels is offering you « The Key of Terroirs » a guide to discover the great wines of Beaujolais and Mâconnais belonging to Burgundy wine region.
Select the wines according to your desire, knowledge, or the season: come discover the wines of pleasure…

According to your desires.

Fruity savory

Would you like a wine of immediate pleasure, synonymous of conviviality and simplicity? Opt for fruity and savory wines
These wines are supple and light with red fruit notes, expressing the freshness and primary aromas of the varietal.

Fruity generous

Do you want wine expressing the spirit of the place and the unique character of the winemaker? Opt for full flavored and generous wines »
These wines are harmonious and characterized by richness. The notes of spices and black fruits dominate. These wines pair very well with international cuisine thanks to their structure and volume.

Wines for aging

Do you want wines synonymous of art and emotion? Discover the wines with a singular expression and wines for aging. »
These are elegant wines with very fine tannins. Displays a sense of handcrafted personal touch, creating a personal and emotional element to the wine surpassing the appellation. These wines can be kept and aged for ten years or more.

According to the season.

The harmony between a dish and a wine can generate an unforgettable experience. The art of French living is illustrated in this section.

Summer wines

Summer: In this category you will find the wines adapted for the summer. Thanks to their capacity for freshness these wines will highlight colorful and diverse dishes. Serve the whites at 10°c and the reds at 13°c.

Winter wines

Winter: The wines in this category are able to warm up your winter evenings and pair well with hearty meals. The aromatics will start to show at 13°c for the whites and 16°c for the reds.

According to the color.

Do you have a preference for red wines? Or do you prefer whites? This category is straightforward!


Reds: The steep slopes and small hillsides planted with the Gamay grape vines are revealed in treasures by the winemakers.


Whites: Chardonnay reigns as king of the terroirs of greater Burgundy, providing prolific pleasure to the white wine enthusiast!


Rosé wines: The wines of Beaujolais exist in three colors. The color of the grape skin and the skin contact give the color to the wine.


Sparkling: Bubbles are the perfect pairing to celebrate something special or to create conviviality!

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